Product Summary

The 2SK3582TK-A is a field effect transistor. Application for Ultra-compact ECM.


2SK3582TK-A absolute maximum ratings: (1)Gate-Drain voltage: VGDO: -20 V; (2)Gate Current: IG: 10 mA; (3)Drain power dissipation (Ta = 25°C): PD: 100 mW; (4)Junction Temperature: Tj: 125 °C; (5)Storage temperature range: Tstg: -55~125 °C.


2SK3582TK-A features: (1)drain current: 300uA (VDS=2V, VGS=0); (2)drain current: 340uA (VDD=2V, RL=2KΩ, Gg=10pF); (3)gate-source cut-off voltage: -0.1 to -0.65V(VDS=2V, ID=1uA); (4)forward transfer admittance: 0.55 to 1.0mS (VDS=2V, VGS=0V); (5)gate-drain voltage: -20V(IG=-10uA).


 2SK3582TK-A test circuit